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Learn how to keep eating what you want but be healthy

When listening to the stats from the recent survey done by the CSIRO on the state of our health, it sounds scary! The main area that requires improvement is reducing our consumption of discretionary, or ‘sometimes’ foods as I like to call them. Discretionary foods are not a necessary part of a healthy food intake; we consume them merely for enjoyment. These foods tend to be high in saturated fat, sugar, and/or salt, and are usually high in energy and low in essential nutrients.

The other key area for improvement is vegetable consumption, with men averaging a score of 60.6 and women averaging a score of 73.4 out of 100.

It is important we look at our own individual diets as a whole though, and whilst it is not about cutting out and never eating any discretionary foods, it is important that we look at overall consumption of these foods, as alone it might seem we are on the right track, but all together, there is room for improvement.

To find out what you can do to improve your score read more.

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