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Integrating whole genome sequencing and a health assessment offers unique insights into health risks

Life First is excited to announce that we are partnering with Genome.One to deliver Australia’s first comprehensive medical assessment and genetic screening program – GoNavigate Program. The program can detect an individual’s risk of 31 cancers, 13 cardiac conditions and 5 other hereditary conditions. In addition, the testing includes an analysis predicting the response to more than 220 medications. This new product was launched on 20th June 2017. The personal health management service combines whole genome sequencing and genetic counselling provided by Genome.One with a comprehensive health assessment that is offered by Life First at St Vincent’s Clinic under specialist clinical supervision.

John Hall, CEO of Life First, said that bringing genomic information into the context of overall health and wellbeing is valuable to providing a more comprehensive assessment of an individual’s risk of disease. “The purpose of the clinical component of this service is to maintain health and wellness, recognise and address risk factors that may lead to future disease, and to identify current disease. These factors together with the added genetic insight provide a more complete picture than has previously been possible and can empower individuals to take control and more proactively manage their health.”

The introduction of this integrated product is an exciting advancement for the health of Australians adding significant value to preventative health care. For further information please call us on 1300 030 707, email us at or visit

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