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Is there anything you can do better in terms of your health?

For some people, getting the health assessment done is the only thing they worry about. A ‘box ticking exercise’ if you like. However, making the decision to participate in the coaching program is likely to help manage, or prevent health conditions you may be worried about. Something may have come up in the health assessment that you want to work on? Or maybe you have a family history you want to be careful not to repeat? Or, maybe you’re already healthy, but are looking to find if there is anything you can do better?

Health coaching can lead to increased adherence to evidence-led treatment and lifestyle recommendations, which leads to better patient outcomes. Whether you want to lose 5kg or 50kg, be able to walk across the road without pain, or go for a 3 hour trail run; the aim is to help you be the healthiest ‘you’ you can be.

Feel free to contact Life First if you would like to find out more about Life First, and the health coaching program.

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