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When a plan is in place you can achieve your goals.

Working with a Health Coach is a great way to help you be the healthiest you can be. In the initial session, we determine what you want to change about your health, why you want to change it, and then a plan is put in place of what you specifically want to work on, and why.

Once we know what the goal is, and why you’ve chosen it, the focus turns to the ‘how’. Using motivational interviewing techniques and having each individual involved with decisions around what to work on helps you to feel in control of the situation, whilst also having the guidance and strategy for you to be able to make the best possible choices for your long term health. Our job is to help make it as easy as possible for you to make healthy choices.

When a plan is in place, follow up sessions over the next three months are then conducted (either face to face or via phone), to help you stay on track, and to build in further changes over time, so you can achieve your goals.

So why participate in a health coaching program? Read more to find out or contact us to make an appointment.

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