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There are a number of ways you can book your appointment. 

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At the time of your booking please ensure you have your credit/debit card details on hand, so we can secure your booking.

Yes, in preparation for you assessment you will need to:

Complete a pre-assessment questionnaire.

Our Health Assessment Centre will provide you with all required information, locations and request forms at the time of your booking. Upon confirmation of your booking we will send you a link to an online questionnaire which needs to be completed at least 2 days prior to your assessment. This will include questions about your personal family and medical history. It should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

You can change or cancel your appointment free of charge up to 7 working days before your appointment.

However, If you change or cancel your appointment within seven working days of your appointment, you will have to pay a fee:

  • 0-1 Business days prior to booking = 100% of service price
  • 2-4 Business days prior to booking = 80% of service price
  • 5-7 Business days prior to booking = 50% of service price
  • >7 Business days prior to booking = 0% of service price

Eating and drinking before a blood test can affect some of the blood results.

Depending on what time your appointment is will determine at what time you must stop eating. Our staff will inform you of this when you make your appointment.

Between two and three hours, depending on which health assessment you choose.

You’ll be welcomed by a health adviser who will talk you through your assessment in detail.

They’ll take a sample of your blood, collect urine samples and, depending on the assessment, carry out height, weight, hearing and vision tests. If you’re having cholesterol and glucose tests you’ll need to fast for six hours beforehand.

You’ll then meet with the doctor who will have most of your test results and your completed medical questionnaire. They’ll answer your questions, offer advice and give you a personal health report and action plan to help you minimise any health risks.

Yes to a degree it will be. Depending on the information gathered through the questionnaire, pathology testing and Doctors consultation we will provide you with tailored health advice and follow up.

You’ll receive most of your test results on the day and the doctor will discuss these with you during your consultation.

In terms of your detailed report you will receive an email notification within 5 working days of your assessment to let you know your report is ready for viewing. Your report forms a valuable basis from which to generate an action plan for achieving optimal health. To access your report you will require your username and password which you created when you completed your online questionnaire.

Your report will include a complete run down of your results, comparisons to previous assessments if conducted by Life First, general health information and recommendations from the health professionals, an explanation of the grouping of blood results performed, a copy of their blood results, resting ECG, and the Stress ECG and relevant fact sheets.

In the case we find something significant, we will talk it through with you in detail and, with your agreement; we’ll let your GP know. We may advise you to see your GP to follow up on these results or provide you with a referral to a private specialist, if necessary. Should abnormalities be identified during your visit, our doctors will refer you to your own General Practitioner or an appropriate Specialist for further investigation.

This service cannot be claimed on Medicare. In terms of private health insurance you will have to check with the company with whom you have cover.

Yes. The Life First Health Assessment Centres are able to allocate male or female doctors according to your personal preference. Please advise our staff of your preference when making your booking.

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