GoNavigate™ Program

A combination of factors, such as your lifestyle, your environment and the information encoded in your DNA all interact to influence your health. For the first time in Australia, we can integrate medical and genetic information to give you a picture of your health now, and in the future.


The GoNavigate program is delivered in partnership with Genome.One (A wholly owned subsidiary by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research). You will spend time one-on-one with doctors specialised in preventative healthcare, exercise physiologists, dietitians and genetic health professionals. If your assessment reveals a need to consult with other medical specialists, your doctor at LifeFirst can refer you to specialist colleagues in the St Vincent’s Hospital precinct in Sydney.


The program process is outlined below:

Complete your detailed health questionnaire including family history, lifestyle and medications. You will receive a guide on genetics and whole genome sequencing to help you understand the potential use and impact of the results that you may receive.

Visit our LifeFirst clinic to meet our experienced doctors and exercise physiologists. You will be asked to provide blood and urine samples for testing and complete a full medical assessment. Full details of the tests are available at www.gonavigate.com.au

Meet a genetic health professional from Genome.One to discuss any questions you may have about genetics and whole genome sequencing. At this time, you can provide consent to continue with the full GoNavigate program, or undertake LifeFirst (only).

Receive your medical assessment results from our LifeFirst clinic one week after your visit.

Speak with your health coach, who will provide personalised information and make recommendations to help you to improve your lifestyle*.

Receive your GoNavigate™ report. At this time, you will be provided with a copy of all your test results. These summaries can also be sent to your GP or other healthcare providers at your request.

Genomic information is securely stored by Genome.One.

After entering the GoNavigate program, your genomic information can be reanalysed upon referral from your doctor and payment of additional fees.


* Additional coaching services and other allied professionals such as trainers, dietitians and other health coaches may accompany the GoNavigate program.

** You may be advised by our healthcare professionals to seek additional specialist advice based on findings in the assessment.


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