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Life First doctors focus on keeping you healthy. Our comprehensive, individual assessments provide you with a platform to prevent disease and improve your overall health and well-being. We complement your existing medical practice and offer advanced health management designed personally for you.

The program originated from the expertise, success and knowledge of our parent company Executive Health Solutions (EHS). EHS have refined programs, specifically for Executives, to ensure the best assessment techniques, Physicians and equipment is used to deliver a thorough and meaningful assessment of an individual’s health and risk of illness.

We recognised that the benefits of this service should be available to not only executives but also to any member of the public that chooses to put their Life First by prioritising their health, being proactive and thinking ahead when it comes to health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Executive Health Solutions has been leading the field of executive health and wellbeing in Australia for more than 30 years and bring together a team of Australia’s leading health professionals who specialise in identifying and managing the health risks of the corporate workforce.

Having refined our programs, we clearly understand the necessary processes and procedures required to enable a quality and efficient program for executives, we are now applying this to a general market. Our programs have been developed by leading physician Professor Ron Penny (AO) and are quality controlled by Dr Mark Penny. With owner operated clinics at both St Vincent’s clinic (Sydney and Melbourne) and Wesley (Brisbane) we have the ability to make this unique service available to all those who wish to put their Life First.

81% of clients considered changing their diet due to their assessment

(based on 2500 feedback)

Who is Life First?

Life First offers you personalised, leading edge health assessments and management. We work with you to understand your health, to prevent disease and support a healthy, happy life. 

Life First is here to keep you healthy for longer-to help you focus on you, enabling you to prioritise what is important – your health, and quality of life. Our professional team of Doctors, Exercise Physiologists, Health coaches and Nutritionists perform all the necessary tests required to provide a comprehensive assessment of your health status based on your age and gender.

Our purpose built facilities and testing sites at St Vincent’s Clinic in Sydney and Melbourne and at Wesley in Brisbane are equipped with all the necessities to make this program a pleasurable, professional service.

Upon completion of the assessment our specialist coaches, help you make any required changes by assisting you with the knowhow of what next to do. We care that you care and as such have programs that enable a one-stop health shop. Making it easier for you to prioritise your health and your loved ones by putting your Life First.

We pride ourselves on our professional and engaging medical teams and use only the cutting edge technology to deliver evidence-based, comprehensive programs.

Our Clinics

Life First have sophisticated, purpose built clinics in a number of convenient locations around Australia. Our St Vincent's clinics in Sydney and Melbourne are conveniently located close to pathology and radiology enabling on-the-day testing without the need for multiple visits. The waiting areas and clinic offer a relaxing environment and enables executives the opportunity to conduct business comfortably if need be.

Each of our clinics have sophisticated shower and change room facilties with large consulting rooms and client lounges.

Our Partners?

We work closely with our partners to deliver various components of our programs.

Life First programs are delivered from our clinic within St Vincent's Clinic. We work together with the pathology unit Syd Path and with a number of specialists also located within the clinic.

Our newest partner is Athletics Australia. "Life first is proud to be in partnership with Athletics Australia and supporting all Australians to lead healthier lifestyles through movement, education and the early detection of illness."
- John Hall, CEO - Life First.

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