Bespoke Health Program

This unrivalled program combines the expertise of some of Australia’s finest practitioners – all delivered over a 2 day period. Over this period, you will receive a thorough specialist health and wellbeing evaluation from a professional team including world-renowned medical experts at the St Vincent’s Clinic and the Life First Clinical Director.​

The Bespoke Health Program is unique in its scope and detail. The assessment may include the following components.

  • Clinical evaluation — a thorough clinical assessment performed by a highly experienced Life First specialist physician. This will include a review of the questionnaire, comprehensive medical examination and discussion of key health risk areas
  • Relevant specialist referrals — eg. Cardiologists, Neurologists, Urologists, Gynaecologists and others are arranged as appropriate
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation — including assessment of the spine and major joints
  • Physiological assessments — a range of assessments conducted by a Life First Exercise Physiologist including height, weight, blood pressure, lung function, abdominal strength and flexibility. Vision and hearing assessments are also performed to assess eyesight and hearing levels
  • Pathology tests — complete biochemical screening including for the detection of serious illnesses such as some cancers, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Lifestyle assessment – including review of nutrition, alcohol, smoking, exercise habits and stress management techniques
  • Stress Echocardiogram – a stress test performed on a treadmill with examination of the heart before and after exercise, under ultrasound.  This determines how well your heart and blood vessels are working.
  • Skin examination performed by a Dermatologist — to detect early signs of cancer / melanoma and abnormal skin pathology
  • Doppler testing of ankle, carotid, vertebral and abdominal arteries — screening to detect any narrowing of the arteries that may lead to strokes and / or lack of blood flow to the legs
  • Bone density scan — testing to determine the presence of any level of bone loss including osteoporosis
  • Coronary calcium scan — non-invasive test that detects and measures the amount of calcium in your coronary arteries, an indicator of heart disease
  • MRI prostate – detailed imaging of the prostate and surrounding structures to assist in the diagnosis, or exclusion, of prostate cancer
  • Mammography, breast ultrasound & pelvic ultrasound to screen for breast and abdominal disease
  • Colonoscopy — fibre optic examination of the colon for polyps, cancer or other abnormalities of the colon. This may also include stomach examination (endoscopy) if clinically indicated.

You will be allocated a personal concierge to take you through all the processes of your assessment ensuring you are comfortable and that all your needs are met. 

The components of the assessment will be determined in consultation with the Life First Clinical Director based on your individual health needs. Accommodation in Sydney can be organised along with travel to and from the airport or from the hotel.


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