Metabolic Health Program

Our Metabolic Health Program offers you the best opportunity to identify, understand and optimise your metabolic health to assist with optimal weight management and to maintain quality of life, maximise longevity and ensure you live life to its fullest.​

This program is a non-invasive program which is comprehensive in its nature starting with testing your metabolic health using state of the art technologies known as Ecal and Bioimpedance Spectrometry (BIS). The program continues to offer support, guidance, reassessment and adjustments to offer best possible outcomes.

Information on your body composition will be recorded so as to provide health coaches with your unique metabolic profile/fingerprint and to customise a management plan specific to your desired goal.

This service involves a 5 step touch point process and includes:

  • Initial Ecal/BIS assessment and consultation
  • Follow up telehealth consultation
  • BIS re-test with consultation
  • Follow up telehealth consultation
  • Final Ecal/BIS consultation

For further details on the program, please view our information pack.

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