Get Clarity on Your Health

Our comprehensive programs are designed by Dr Mark Penny (Medical Director) to include diagnostic scans & blood tests to profile heart health, stroke, artery health, liver & kidney function, bones, joints & muscles & risks of cancer. They can be performed at our St Vincent’s Clinic Sydney.

Health & Lifestyle Program

This program is aimed at providing you with an examination of your current health status and provides information and assistance on how to improve your health risks. You will spend time with a medical practitioner, exercise physiologist and receive a telephonic consultation with an accredited practicing dietitian.

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Complete Health Program

This program is aimed at providing you with a thorough medical assessment of your current health status and the early detection of potentially life-threatening illnesses. You will also spend time with our specialised health coaches and will receive information and guidelines on how to improve your lifestyle.

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Mens and Womens Comprehensive Health Program

This is our most in-depth service available. Taking up to 3 hours to complete, it includes a comprehensive medical assessment and health management program including extensive pathology, a choice of radiology and unlimited support from a Health Coach over a 3 month period.

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Bespoke Health Program

Australia’s most comprehensive and complete medical assessment available, designed specifically for your health needs by a physician at St Vincent’s Clinic this program is unique in its scope and detail.

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Metabolic Health Program

A comprehensive program using gold standard technologies to assess the unique body composition to enable individuals to achieve effective and long lasting health and weight goals.

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Our Assessment process

Online Questionnaire

Covers areas such as family history, personal history, psychological health, sleep, signs and symptoms and personal lifestyle choices.


Our pathology is the most comprehensive in the market and meets best practice guidelines. Our St Vincent’s clinics results can be provided during the consultation.


Choice from a number of assessments – all are preventative measures aimed to identify health risks so that they can be appropriately addressed.


Comprehensive individual report outlines results and includes recommendations for improvements with comparative data included.

Ongoing Care

Ongoing care with our physicians to review results and assist with action plans.

it all leads to a healthier you.

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