Why Us

Life First exists to ensure that you become the healthiest you can be. Our core practice is at the forefront of disease prevention combining specialist doctors with advanced screening technology.

99.5% of clients agreed that our medical teams demonstrated excellent knowledge and skills

Life First is the first program of its kind in Australia. Our level of service,
expertise of our medical team, testing facilities and
program structure and management is second to none.


Experienced GP’s / Physicians
who are specialists in the field
Our Doctors are specialists in consulting with individuals on their
health. They are technically competent and offer an excellent
service, prioritising building rapport with participants.
Most comprehensive proactive health
programs in the market
Offering a thorough diagnostic examination with significant time
for discussion regarding results and management options.
Proven health management programs
such as health coaching, nutrition
Our programs deliver tangible results to the individual and
through reductions in health risks and improved quality of life.
St Vincent’s Clinic testing sites with
purpose built facilities (not GP clinics or
OHS practices)
Our testing rooms, change rooms and waiting areas are
specifically designed and do not double up as GP clinics or
OHS practices.
Gender specific tests are provided
Our assessments include important gender and age specific
tests such as PAP smears, prostate tests and mammograms.
Same day pathology and radiology
at our hospital clinics
Unique in Australia which minimises the number of
visits required.
Life First don’t use a booking centre.
Clinic staff make the bookings, greet you,
send the report, co-ordinate the follow ups
Personalised service with one point of contact - who make the
bookings, greet you, send the report, co-ordinate the follow
ups and answer any queries.
Dr Mark Penny is our medical
director overseeing Doctors, quality
control and program design
Ensures the very best in medical care and access to Australia’s
leading specialists where necessary with minimal delay. EHS holds an AAPSA contract with the RACGP ensuring regulatory compliance and optimal patient care.
Ongoing care and follow up provided by Life First
Our service does not end after the assessment. We follow up on referrals, answer queries from the assessment and ensure reports have been accessed.
Your choice of male or female doctors
Caters for individuals' concerns and preferences to ensure greater comfort of experience.
Professionally designed comprehensive report
Doctors and Physiologists provide extensive analysis of results with meaningful comparative data and comments including comparisons with previous assessments.
Interactive calculators used during the consultation
Our risk calculators are built to demonstrate to you the real effect of your lifestyle on heart disease and diabetes.
Sophisticated clinical reporting platform
Enables the user to have interactive and real time health discussions, bringing together a secure online questionnaire with current clinical data and the tracking of previous clinical results into the one interactive clinical record.
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